Talking about saffron, it has been used by people for years due to its high medicinal properties and health benefits. However, ‘which one to get for you’ is the question that we get stuck at. Hence, today we will be talking about one such variety of saffron that is very much famous all over the World, which is – Kashmir Mongra Saffron. In the valleys of Kashmir, saffron has been found in three different forms, and these are Guchi, Lacha, and Mongra. The difference between these types depends on the length of style, which is connected to stigma. Basically, in the case of this plant, the saffron that we consume is the stigma of a saffron flower. Moving on further, let us now learn more about what exactly Mongra saffron is and why it is the best one to use.

Kashmiri Mongra Saffron

Once you detach the style part of a flower completely from the stigma, there are dark red-coloured, silky hair-like stigmas known as the Kashmiri Mongra Saffron. If we put it more simply, then we can explain it as follows. Firstly, the saffron flower is plucked, and then style-stigma is separated from the flower. Next, the stigma is cut from the point at which it is joined with the style. This will then help you extract the thin red-coloured stigma filaments from the flower, the Mongra Saffron. It is usually found in the Pampore region of Kashmir and is very famous worldwide for silky, fine, and smooth dark-red coloured stigmas, which impart a nice aroma.

Thanks to its red-colour and aroma, people have also used it to enhance the flavour of their foods. Kashmiri Saffron is manufactured on a quite massive scale for business reasons in Kashmir Valley, India. There are many more than one grade of Kashmiri saffron that differ in consistency. These ratings are obtained from the section of the Saffron flower they include. These parts of the flower form the related grades of the Kashmiri saffron.

Why is kashmiri saffron the best?

Owing to its fineness and innumerable uses, since the old times, we all can say that there are ample numbers of reasons for why the Kashmiri Mongra saffron is the best variety all over the World. Let us have a look at some of it so that you can be convinced enough to buy it.

Grows in Good Climatic Condition

As mentioned above, the Mongra saffron grows in the Pampore region of Kashmir. The climate here is very pleasant, humidity-free, and perfect for the saffron to grow. Hence, when you are thinking of getting the Kashmir Mongra saffron, you need not panic. It is probably because this is available to you all around the year. There is no chance of the Mongra being unavailable to you. Also, the good climatic conditions of Pampore make sure that we can enjoy the best characteristics of Mongra saffron.

Purest Form of Saffron

The Kashmir Mongra saffron is actually the purest form of saffron that you can find worldwide. It is certainly due to its origin. This saffron lies in the upper part of the style-stigma of saffron. There are ample numbers nutrients here, which help in rendering the best health benefits to an individual. Also, this is what makes the Kashmiri Mongra saffron the most expensive one.

Naturally Extracted

The best thing about Kashmir Mongra saffron is that you can get it in the natural form. One of the main reasons why this saffron is the best has to be its natural extraction. Well, talking about its purity, we can guarantee you that this Mongra saffron is something that most of you will want for your purposes. The extraction procedure is very simple and has been done by the local workers. Hence, this also assures you that there is no adulteration of the product, in any case. What you get packed in the boxes is certainly the purest and original form of Kashmir Mongra Saffron.

Deeper and Fresh Aroma

Being the natural form of saffron, the aroma of this one is pleasant. It does render the needed color and fragrance to your food when added in the right amount. We can certainly say that, if ever you wish to know about the smell of pure saffron, then take a pinch of Mongra. It has the perfect aroma, which has a mixed fragrance of hay and honey. The odour is neither too sweet nor too musty. It is somewhere in between what we call the pleasant saffron aroma.

Best Food Colouring Agent

We all know that nowadays, people use many food colouring agents to enhance the aesthetics of certain cuisine. However, using the food colours available in the market can be harmful to the body when used for a longer time. This is because; they are made up of chemicals that can be harmful to your body. Hence, in such cases, using saffron is undoubtedly the best of all idea. It will add its fine colour to the food and add a lot more antioxidants to your food.

These were some of the reasons due to which we consider the Kashmiri Mongra Saffron to be the best out of all varieties. You can certainly prefer using this variety, also due to its unbelievable benefits which will keep you both physically fit and healthy.


The Kashmiri Mongra Saffron is an ancient and expensive plant. It also incorporates some powerful antioxidants that can reduce the likelihood of some chronic disorders associated with oxidative stress. There is no reason to show that these antioxidants are no more valuable to the body than those that an individual would get from consuming many vegetables and fruit. Thanks to the innumerable ways in which the Kashmiri Mongra Saffron can help you. We would always suggest choosing this variety of saffron, whenever you are planning to buy one, for the first time!

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