If you are into athletics, whether as an amateur or a professional, chances are that you must have heard about cordyceps, often referred to as the ‘next big thing in sports performance nutrition’. Not just this, cordyceps share a legacy with Olympic stars too.

They gained quite a bit of attention during the 1993 World Olympics when they were attributed to the Chinese women’s team’s stellar performance and consistency in the games.

If cordyceps for athletes has got your attention too and you want to know more about its excellent health benefits and appropriate dosage, all you need to do is to read this article.

What are the benefits of cordyceps for athletes?

When it comes to improving your athletic performance, there are two-fold cordyceps health benefits. The first is that cordyceps enhance your endurance and strength in a natural way. Secondly, they are a great way to sneak in all those essential nutrients that you may have been missing in your diet.

cordyceps dosage for athletes

Cordyceps not just have a long history in ancient Oriental medicine but are also considered to be that dependable ‘go-to’ add-on for athletes.

Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the most important evidence-backed cordyceps benefits:

Enhanced VO2 MAX

Also known as the ‘peak oxygen uptake’, VO2 MAX is the maximum amount of oxygen that your body can use during exercise. It is one of the most common tools to measure your fitness levels and know how much training you need to max your performance.

This National Library of Medicine study confirms that cordyceps improve your body’s tolerance to high-intensity exercise and increase your VO2 MAX levels. In the longer run, an increase in these levels leads to a longer lifespan and reduced risk for life-threatening conditions such as stroke, heart problems, and certain types of cancers.

Better Energy Levels

Your body needs energy to run. Be it your muscles, heart, liver, or brain, all thrive on energy, which is derived from the food that you eat. Increased energy levels are even more important for athletes to amplify their performance.

Often referred to as the best cordyceps supplement for athletes, cordyceps help enhance energy at your cellular levels. They work by regulating your adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels, which are the main energy-carrying molecules in your cells.

Lower Fatigue

Overtraining for a long period is a direct contributor to adrenal fatigue in athletes. This may not just lead to an impact on your performance, but also cause chronic stress and fatigue. The main reason behind this is that your adrenal glands produce cortisol, the main hormone that fights stress, and over-training disturbs this very balance.

According to the Pharmaceutical Biology Journal, cordyceps has excellent fatigue-reducing properties. It works by decreasing the levels of alkaline phosphatase levels, which are one of the main reasons for stress and fatigue.

Reduced Oxidative Stress

People who regularly exercise, particularly athletes, are at a higher risk of oxidative stress. This condition is caused when your body’s protective mechanism becomes weaker and leads to tissue and cell function impairments. It is also one of the direct reasons for cell damage, death, and inflammation.

As per the Nutrients Journal, cordyceps have a protective effect on the oxidative stress induced by hydrogen peroxide in the body. It prevents cell death and arrests abnormal growth patterns in them.

Better Cardiac Health

According to the Sports Performance Bulletin, athletes who exercise for more than four hours a day have an increased chance of succumbing to cardiac arrest. This is related to an increase in the levels of cardiac troponin I, a heart enzyme that is responsible for the health of your cardiac muscles.

One of the most important cordyceps benefits for male and female athletes is that it stabilizes heart rate and reduces the risk of arrhythmia. It also lowers blood pressure and prevents cardiac problems.

Optimized Weight

One of the major factors that may affect your athletic performance is excess weight. For instance, in an athlete who weighs 170 pounds, even a 2 percent weight gain may lead to a loss in their vertical jump height. It may also interfere with things like the critical dash time.

As this National Library of Medicine Research proves, including cordyceps in your routine is a great way to boost your metabolism. It impacts your liver weight and fat deposition and helps you in losing weight and enhances your athletic performance. Staying at your optimum weight level also maximizes your energy levels, helps stabilize your mood, and reduces stress. Not to mention, a leaner body is more aesthetic too!

Which is the nutritive value and appropriate dosage of cordyceps?

One of the greatest reasons why athletes choose to include cordyceps mushroom in their diet is because of its nutritive value. Here is a list of some of the most important nutrients found in cordyceps:

As for the appropriate dosage of cordyceps for athletes, since there is a lack of enough research, there are no universal guidelines as well.

For your safety, never consume more than the recommended dosage of cordyceps mentioned on the packaging. Though rare, some people have complained of some side effects of cordyceps. These may include:

Besides these side effects, in case you suffer from any of these conditions, never take cordyceps extract without speaking to your general practitioner:

If you are thinking about the best time to take cordyceps, it is during the morning hours, particularly as a pre-workout supplement. This is mainly because cordyceps boost your endurance and energy levels. This is especially important before a training or sports session to support your athletic performance. This allows your body to digest and process cordyceps within time.

Since it enhances your energy levels, avoid taking cordyceps mushrooms immediately before you hit the bed. After all, who wants to have sleepless nights!

The bottom line

Just the fact that cordyceps has been used for centuries for improving the health of people and continues to be trusted by millions around the world, is a testimony in itself of its efficacy. To get the best boost to your athletic performance, we advise sourcing cordyceps only from credible sellers that supplements made with high-quality and approved ingredients. Add this amazing supplement to your routine and your body will thank you for it.

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