Thick brownish sticky substance called Shilajit has profound effects on the human body. Shilajit oozes out of the cracks in the mountains in the areas of Central Asia, India, China, Tibet, Nepal, etc.

This mineral-rich matter is excreted by the rocks as a result of the extreme weather fluctuations and the immense pressure of the mountains. Shilajit dispersed by such mountains has mainly four types, Copper, Silver, Gold, and Iron.

Himalayan Forms of Shilajit

Shilajit contains fulvic acid and other rich minerals providing various health benefits. And it is not surprising that you are thinking of buying this holy mineral-rich substance.

However, given its various types or forms, and the scarcity of suppliers selling authentic Shilajit, it can get confusing to find your ideal Shilajit supplement.

Apart from its types based on different colors, Shilajit comes in various forms and refined versions, and the range of its forms or types may overwhelm you. So before you pick the best Shilajit to buy in any form, it is crucial to know its all types and forms, in order to find the one that best fits your needs.

To help you with this, here are the different forms of Shilajit

Solid Shilajit

Solid shilajit is the most widely used form of Shilajit when it comes to the use of Shilajit in traditional medicines. This classic and solid form of Shilajit exists for thousands of years and has been used in traditional Ayurvedic practices. This solid form of Shilajit is collected from the high-altitude ranges of Himalayan Mountains and therefore, contains a high concentration of minerals.

For preparing the solid form of pure Shilajit, the resin form of this blackish tar is dried at high temperatures. Solid Shilajit is quite similar to the resin form when it comes to the benefits of mineral concentration, the only difference being that the solid form is over-dried and of course, is solid. Shilajit in its solid form can be stored for many years at room temperature and can be consumed anytime.

Resin Shilajit

The resin form of Shilajit is amongst the most preferred, used, and sold forms of Shilajit. Shilajit resin is blackish-brown in color, and resin implies that it is sticky, partially solid, and insoluble in cold water.

To know if you have the resin form of Shilajit, the resin Shilajit should feel sticky when kept on form and should turn brittle after refrigeration. The best way to take this form of Shilajit is to mix it with hot water or beverage. Resin Shilajit undergoes the least processing as compared to other forms of Shilajit, so it means that it is purer and has high mineral concentration since it is the least refined.

You can easily get the Resin form of Shilajit at the local stores, but it is important that you get real Shilajit resin from the best Shilajit company, since there are many replicas of this form of Shilajit in the market.

Powder Shilajit

The powdered form of Shilajit is also an extensively used form, and the powder comes in various colors such as black, brown, and amber. For making the powdered form, raw shilajit is used and is processed until converted into powder. The reason this one is more preferred by the consumers is its solubility; since people want to avoid tasting the raw form of Shilajit, they prefer the powdered form so they can mix it in their tea, drink, and water, smoothies, or beverages.

When combined and complimented well with the drinks, the powder form may turn out to be more beneficial than the other forms of Shilajit. However, to reap the benefits of the powdered form, you have to get it from a genuine brand. As many Shilajit powder products shown on market are nothing but Shilajit mixed with soil components. Judging and deciding whether Shilajit powder is real or not is difficult, however, some testing can be done to identify the real form of Shilajit. A small testing tip is to dissolve the powder in water, and the real Shilajit powder will not leave behind any residue or particles. Another way is to take some powder and leave it open for some days, the real powder will turn solid after a few days.

Tablets and capsules

Tablets are made from the Shilajit powder and are a more concentrated form of Shilajit since each dosage has a fixed amount. Thus, tablets are ideal if you want to consume only a certain amount of Shilajit each day. Tablets are also recommended if you don’t want to taste Shilajit in any form. Capsules also contain the powdered form of Shilajit, and are thus, no different from the tablet form. However, the problem with these forms of Shilajit is that it becomes hard to determine the quality of Shilajit, and one has to rely only on the supplier for providing the tablets or capsules prepared using real Shilajit.

Above were the main forms of Shilajit. Besides them, there are also Shilajit churna balls available in the market, but they are mostly prepared by combining with other ingredients like Safed Musli, Ashwagandha Tablet, etc. Same way, you can also get Chwayanprash, but again, that also contains other ingredients besides Shilajit.

If you want to consume pure Shilajit, then Shilajit resin, powder, and its solid form are the best options.

Finishing Off

The key is to get pure Shilajit that is certified, clinically tested, and assigned a high grade for its quality and authenticity. Also, inquire about the credibility of the supplier you are choosing to buy Shilajit from. For this, you can check their Shilajit reviews and their website where they mention everything about their product.

At Cure with earth, we supply the best and 100% pure Shilajit that is certified and graded. We provide a broad range of Shilajit supplements in various forms, so you can easily find them to your liking. We have the highest quality of Shilajit and other Ayurvedic products to make sure that our consumers only get the best and purest form of Shilajit.

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