Authentic Shilajit is not only costly but also very rare to find. There are countless scams around the world in the name of shilajit. People have to struggle a lot to find the best and authentic shilajit. We’ll discuss multiple tests on pure shilajit to check its authenticity.

Don’t buy shilajit if it is available in powder or capsule form because it may be laden with fillers or binders. Following reasons have caused a surge in fake products:

  • It’s hard to find shilajit because it is one of the rarest substances on the earth.

  • The demand for shilajit has increased around the world because of its effectiveness on the human body.

If you are new to shilajit, it will be difficult to check whether it is pure or not. This is the reason that you should be familiar with all the tests regarding pure shilajit. Some of the easy and readily available tests are as follows:


Pliability is indeed an easy and very effective test to check whether shilajit is pure or not. If the outside temperature is high, shilajit will stick to your finger. On the other hand, it will break like a stone when it is in solid form. This is because shilajit changes texture with change in temperature. This is the easiest test that can be performed because shilajit always responds to change in temperature.


Solubility is another parameter to check the purity of shilajit. Take one small piece of shilajit and put it in water. Shilajit will dissolve in water in no time, leaving no residues behind. As it completely dissolves in water, the colorless water turns to dark brown or reddish black. Upon drinking shilajit water, if you taste sandy substance, then it probably has fillers in it.

Bubbles on Heating

If you have a solid piece of shilajit and you want to test whether it is pure or not, then the flame test might be the best option. Pure shilajit doesn’t catch fire but it burns like a candle and makes bubbles upon heating. Shilajeet converts into ash soon after heating at high temperatures. 

Alcohol Test

Keep in mind that pure shilajit doesn’t dissolve in alcohol, but it makes small clots. However, if it dissolves in alcohol, there might be some additives in this herb.

Form and Odor

Shilajit is usually dark in color and sometimes it may be white (very rare). Pure shilajit has pungent smell because it is derived from rocks.

Shilajit in disguise

Shilajit (asphaltum) is widely famous for its rejuvenating properties and is packed with around 85 minerals, trace elements, and also, fulvic acid that assists the human body in absorbing these minerals. Being a precious gift from Mother Earth and considering the numerous health benefits it offers, this gift is quite hard to obtain.

For collecting Shilajit, a natural phenomenon has to take place, which is entirely dependent on the weather conditions. Authentic Shilajit emerges from the Himalayan rocks as a result of a crack or split caused in the rocks encountering fatal heat waves.

Moreover, the mountain stays chilly cool, for the most part, thus, preventing them to crack so they can exude this holy substance. Due to this rare occurrence and the difficulty in obtaining authentic Shilajit, people in the market have found many ways to produce a replica of Shilajit.

For instance, a combination of coal and Fulvic acid (the main component in Shilajit) is used for making a fake Shilajit. Fulvic acid is comparatively easier to obtain as it is found in different soils, rock sediments, water bodies, etc. Some companies sell Fulvic acid-filled products claiming them to be real Shilajit. These fake products do not possess the vigorous qualities of Shilajit and are just a way to scam people. Consuming such products not only wastes money but inflicts great health risks on the consumers.

Artificial heating of the rocks is also done to collect the Shilajit, which does not give out the best results since it undermines the quality of Shilajit.

Different types of Shilajit with qualities

You would be amazed to know that there are more than four types of Shilajeet having their unique benefits and qualities. But it is hard to distinguish one from the other as their appearances are quite the same. The quality of the Shilajeet is one important factor that determines how it is going to affect the vitality of your body.

Here are the different types of rock from which Shilajit is extracted and the benefits they offer:

Gold or red rocks

The gold grade Shijait produced from the gold or red rocks in the Himalayan Mountains is of the first-rate quality and is considered the highest grade Shilajit. These substances found in the high ranges of mountains are the rarest to find and provide all-around revitalization of the body.

Black rocks

The black rocks in the Nepal and Bhutan region surely produce one of the finest qualities of Shilajit. This iron grade of Shilajit is ranked second in terms of quality and is mainly used for the rebalancing of the Meda Dhatu or the adipose tissue system.

Grey rocks

The third-grade of Shilajit is the greyish-looking substance found in the rocks. The consumption of this Shilajeet extract helps in healing issues of the nervous system and promotes the overall health of the being.

Brown rocks

Brown rocks produce the copper grade of the Shilajit from the rocks and are ranked fourth on the quality. It is highly recommended to treat liver problems, premature aging, and boosts energy levels.

Apart from the above, there are other lower grades of Shilajit that have little to no medicinal qualities. These are sold in the name of pure Shilajit, therefore, it is important to test Shilajit for its quality.

Factors determining the quality of Shilajit

The magical drug of Shilajit is extracted in different forms from varied regions. Also knowns as the ‘conqueror of mountains,’ Shilajit is nothing but a solid tar-like material exuded by the rocks of mountains in the Himalayas, Altai, Tibet, Karakoram, Nepal, Bhutan, and more.

Despite being extracted from different regions, all Shilajeets have a certain degree of similarities that mainly includes their ability to fortify the overall health of an individual. Some regions are more famous for providing quality Shilajit but its purity is also determined on the basis of certain factors.

Location of extraction

Shilajit is obtained from the cracks and crevices in the rock of mountains situated at a high altitude. Different regions where Shilajit is found have unique mineral composition, trace elements, purifying techniques that together determine the quality of the Shilajit.

Elevation of extraction

All types of Shilajit found in different regions is extracted from the high altitude mountains but there is a difference in their elevation range. Shilajit found in the Himalayas, Karakoram, and Altai are considered to be the best since these mountains ranges have the highest altitudes.

Methods of processing

The natural discharge of Shilajeet contains contaminants such as free radicals, rock residues, soil particles, and other harmful matters. Therefore, their extensive purification is crucial as the contaminants may harm the body. There are various procedures to make Shilajti edible such as processing it with water, Dashamoolarishta (cow’s ghee), and Triphala Decoction. The best method for purifying and processing Shilajit is Triphala Decoction.

From where to get the authentic Shilajit?

There are only a few sellers providing authentic Shilajeet, therefore, pay attention before you buy Shilajit from any vendor. The best trick is to trust the seller that is exclusively engaged in the selling of pure and authentic Ayurveda products. Never buy Shilajit from stores that offer it at an extremely low price.

Take Shilajit that is refined and accurately processed and only the best vendors can offer you that. Raw Shilajit is filled with heavy metals and contaminants that do more harm than good. Therefore, it is important that you find the best vendor to buy real Shilajit.

Pure and Potent – We do not use any solvent extraction, standardization, commercial processing or adulteration. Every batch is purified to perfection using traditional ayurvedic methods.

Gold Grade – Our Shilajeet is extracted from15,000 ft – 16,000 ft. of elevation. We work directly with the locals in order to obtain the best quality raw material.
Dried to perfection – We use slow cooking for drying. By not exposing to intensive heat, the molecular structure of the ingredients remain intact. Hence preserving the nutrients & health benefit shilajeet is known for. 100% Money Back Guarantee if our shilajit fails purity test.

Disclaimer: Always consult your physician before consuming any supplement. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition. Consult with your doctor to receive an appropriate prescription.

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