The strive for the best quality cordyceps mushroom is more prominent in society today than ever before. After all, this powerful medicinal mushroom has been proven to support a vast range of health benefits such as boosting the immune system, increasing energy, intense detoxification, and so much more. However, as attractive as this may be on the surface, it is vital to understand that not all cordyceps mushrooms are created equal.

Authentic Cordyceps Mushroom

You see, with the demand on the rise, it has made obtaining wild cordyceps harder, thus more expensive for big businesses to invest in. But instead of cutting back, many commercial suppliers adopted alternative ways to meet their cordyceps demand while staying in budget. This means that when you buy cordyceps from them, your product might not be as genuine as it may seem.

Because this scenario is more common than not, below is a comprehensive guide that can help you buy cordyceps effectively and have solidifying confidence that what you are getting is nothing but the best.

Fruiting Bodies vs. Mycelium

First and foremost, not every company and supplement are not made from fruiting bodies. Going back to the cost side of things, it is much cheaper and faster to grow mycelium on grain. This is then dried and ground to create a mushroom powder.

Though it may streamline business, this method is exceptionally inferior to natural extracting like Cure with Earth offers. For instance, mycelium-based substrate contains only ~2-3% cordycepin, whereas the fruiting bodies feature ~10-11%. Overall, mushroom extracts from fruiting bodies are the only way to get the truest form and surface the most natural, efficacious, and health-boosting effects.

Tested for Microbes and Purity?

Whatever brand you are looking up, another way to ensure you are selecting an authentic cordyceps mushroom is by looking at their vetting process. Do they indicate that their product is pure and undergoes testing for any biological contaminations and potency? These are fundamental questions you will want to ask yourself and the respected company before making any purchase.

Mushroom Source and Processing

Where your cordyceps mushrooms come from and how they are processed tells a lot about the quality you are getting. Most cordyceps mushrooms are grown in a laboratory to fulfill the demand for them quickly. Not only does this mean you are getting less cordycepin and DNA manipulated products, but the quantity in these scenarios is more important to sources than quality. This means these companies are likely to use lab cordyceps even if they are not in the best of shape.

Alternatively, Cure with Earth uses cordyceps mushrooms that were grown directly from the Himalayas, which is where the original cordyceps derived from. Brands that do this are delivering cordyceps that are organically grown in prime conditions, and they inevitably represent the highest quality possible.

Company’s Knowledge of their Product

Lastly, pick your brand as if you are picking your doctor. In other words, never buy from a company that does not fully understand precisely what it is they are selling. You want a brand, such as Cure with Health, that has a deep understanding of the composition of the mushroom’s active components. For example, cordycepin is one of the active agents in cordyceps militaris, and a shocking number of companies across North America are not sure what that is.


As you can see, the mission to buy cordyceps militaris can quickly turn into a wasted investment if you are going with a brand that is not focused on quality. When this happens, it means you are not subjecting yourself to the full range of health advantages as well. But before opting out of buying cordyceps altogether, recognize that getting the best quality cordyceps mushroom does not have to be a battle with a questionable end anymore.

Built on a foundation of integrity, transparency, and authenticity, Cure with Earth has already spearheaded the industry with its unparalleled resources. Their cordyceps militaris mushrooms are vetted and quality assured from the growth process to shelving and do not feature any of the adversities that dim the massive range of wonderful benefits.

Overall, their superior products feature no chemicals, no DNA profiled mushrooms, and they take pride in only delivering organically farmed cordyceps militaris mushrooms in their original form.

In the end, if you want the best, then you have to buy from the best, as that is the sure-fire way you can get the best quality cordyceps mushroom that you deserve.

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